The First Responder Health Data Platform

Helping First Responders live healthier lives in the face of PFAS exposure, cancer, and serious health conditions.

This unique set of health issues poses a challenge to traditional reactive healthcare. Our health data platform has been designed  for firefighters and other first responders. It delivers AI health insights informed by our advanced tests for PFAS and other toxins.

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Friday, May 13, 2022, 11:00am PST

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Firefighter Health

Helping our partners deliver annual physicals designed for today’s firefighters

Preventative Healthcare

Better health data equals better healthcare. We use cutting edge tests to identify health risks and drive early detection. Our apps and wearables deliver constant fitness monitoring. This allows our AI health data platform to deliver actionable health and fitness insights.

Data is secure and private

AI-Powered insights

Leverage your health data to deliver actionable insights and benefit from data-driven preventative healthcare.

Data is secure and private

Prevention not detection

Monitor your exposure to PFAS and toxins, spot early warning signs, and take steps to avoid health problems.

Data is secure and private

Ongoing monitoring

Our apps and wearables monitor your wellness and fitness so you can see how these impact your health.

Prevention is better than cure

Toxins & PFAS

Monitor your exposure to key toxins and PFAS using our minimally invasive tests

Identify key toxins in your breath

Understand risks

Understand potential risks from exposure and learn how to reduce those risks

Understand potential health risks

Early diagnosis

Recognize the early warning signs that may indicate future health conditions

An image of a lab technician testing blood

We combine data from our innovative breath analysis, PFAS tests and custom wearables, along with results from your annual physical and health records. This lets us identify potential health risks before they become real health problems.

Intelligent insights

AI helps us deliver the intelligent insights required for preventative healthcare. These insights help you to understand and control the factors that impact your health.

Data is secure and private


Receive intelligent insights powered by our innovative AI ecosystem

Data is secure and private


Get reports on your health risks and learn how to control these

Data is secure and private


Our AI models constantly merge your data with our latest research