Diagnose Early has a patent-pending test to determine COVID-19 acuity.  With this test, high acuity patients can get immediate access to life-saving treatment.


COVID-19 patients have symptoms that range from asymptomatic to severe. Today, it is impossible for physicians to accurately distinguish patients with symptoms that will get better on their own, from patients with symptoms that are going to progress to severe.


Our Patent Pending Solution is called D.E.C.A. (the Diagnose Early COVID Acuity test).  The D.E.C.A. test is a painless, easy to administer, non-invasive breath-based test that screens patients for the presence of compounds that are highly correlated with the active acceleration of lung damage.  


Predicting which patients are going to advance to a life-threatening level of acuity will allow hospitals to provide these patients with life-saving drug therapies and interventions such as mechanical ventilation which may be in limited supply.


Predicting which patients will recover without these therapies allows hospitals to free up hospital beds, mechanical ventilation capacity, equipment, supplies, and physician’s time, allowing these resources to be directed to those most in need.  


Finally, our D.E.C.A. test can be used as inclusion criteria for new drug testing. Drug discovery companies can benefit from knowing which patients would have gotten better on their own.  As we help to eliminate this confounding variable, drug companies can deliver cleaner clinical trial results that lead to more effective therapies.  


Delivering this new test D.E.C.A. test will literally save lives as we battle viruses in the global war on infectious diseases.


The patient takes a simple breath test


CT Scans and X-Rays cannot measure COVID-19 Acuity


Data is collected and used to improve future test results

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