Your AI-powered health timeline

Our health data platform lets you access all your current and past health data in one place

non invasive biometrics, Health Data Platform

Health timeline

See how your health evolves over time

Data is secure and private

Create a career-long health timeline

Data is secure and private

Baseline created from your very first breath report

Data is secure and private

Linked with your electronic health record

Data is secure and private

See your exposure to key toxins evolve over time

Data is secure and private

See potential links between toxin exposure and health

Data is secure and private

Provide evidence for Workers Compensation claims


historical data.

Go back to any point in time

Track your toxin exposure and health from day one

secured patient data

All data under your control

You retain full control over who access your identifiable data

data available long-term

Data available long-term

We promise to keep your data for as long as you need it

data available long-term

Access via app or web

All data accessible via our iOS or Android apps or on the website

AI-powered health insights

Driven by our cloud health data platform

AI will transform future healthcare

AI has many potential applications in healthcare:

cancer detection

Cancer detection

Systems like DeepMind can already detect breast cancer in mammograms better than most oncologists.

Risk detection

Risk detection

Air Force researchers created an AI model that uses changes in heart rate to predict heat stroke.

Precision medicine

Precision medicine

In future, AI will deliver personalized advice on medications and dosages to achieve better outcomes.

clustering icon


Identify users with similar characteristics. For example, to find if using certain turnout gear has a higher risk of cancer.

classification icon


Assign users to a group based on comparing them to the overall population. For instance, to assign each person to a precise peer group for health comparisons.

forecast icon


Create accurate risk predictions based on all the data we have. For example, what is the risk this user will develop lung disease in future?

anomaly detection icon


Identify anything that is out of the ordinary for a given user or group of users. This could identify changes in their health and overall risk level for instance.