Diagnose Early (DxE)

Early Detection of Cancer for Effective Treatment:


Nobel Prize-Winning Team:

Founded by a Stanford Professor of Structural Biology and Nobel Laureate, a Stanford M.D./Ph.D., and a Harvard Business School/UW Madison Engineer who came together through a shared vision of improving patient outcomes with innovative and early, non-invasive detection of bio markers for cancer and neurological diseases.


To create and support broad market solutions for early cancer detection to save millions of lives

Our Technology:

·       Low Cost

·       Non-Invasive

·       High Precision

·       Big Data and AI Insights


1.   Identify breath bio markers for the detection of diseases such as cancer and neurological conditions

2.   Save millions of lives by using breath based diagnostics combined with other bio markers to diagnose early

3.   Commercialize an inexpensive, non-invasive, annual health screen

global health problem

  • 18.1 million new cancer cases each year

  • 9.5 million deaths each year

  • Over 1.7 million new US cases of cancer diagnosed annually in the United States over 600,000 die from the disease (2018 estimate)

  • Annual direct cost of cancer care is approximately $150Bn in the US alone and is much higher elsewhere in the world

  • Indirect costs due to loss of work are also over $100Bn

  • Number of cases and cost will increase due to aging population

central lab approach

  • Diagnose Early utilizes central labs to perform analysis

  • Point of care solutions do not allow comprehensive analysis of highly complex bio samples, such as breath

  • Diagnose Early uses proprietary technology to collect and analyze samples in our central lab located in Northern California

Superior Health Tech Business Model:

  • Able to scale

  • CLIA, LDT approach – reducing regulatory hurdles

  • Company evolves from being a medical device company, into a diagnostics company, into a computational analytics company through it’s well-managed roadmap


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Stanford University Based Team

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