Nobel Prize-Winning Team

Founded by a Stanford Professor of Structural Biology and Nobel Laureate, a Stanford M.D./Ph.D., and a Harvard Business School/UW Madison Engineer who came together through a shared vision of improving patient outcomes with innovative and early, non-invasive detection of biomarkers for cancer and neurological diseases.


To create and support broad market solutions for early cancer detection to save millions of lives

Our Technology:

·       Low Cost

·       Non-Invasive

·       High Precision

·       Big Data and AI Insights


1.   Identify breath biomarkers for the detection of diseases such as cancer and neurological conditions

2.   Save millions of lives by using breath-based diagnostics combined with other biomarkers to diagnose early

3.   Commercialize an inexpensive, non-invasive, annual health screen


  • 18.1 million new cancer cases each year

  • 9.5 million deaths each year

  • Over 1.7 million new US cases of cancer diagnosed annually in the United States over 600,000 die from the disease (2018 estimate)

  • The annual direct cost of cancer care is approximately $150Bn in the US alone and is much higher elsewhere in the world

  • Indirect costs due to loss of work are also over $100Bn

  • The number of cases and cost will increase due to the aging population


  • Diagnose Early utilizes central labs to perform analysis

  • Point of care solutions do not allow a comprehensive analysis of highly complex biosamples, such as breath

  • Diagnose Early uses proprietary technology to collect and analyze samples in our central lab located in Northern California


  • Able to scale

  • CLIA, LDT approach – reducing regulatory hurdles

  • The company evolves from being a medical device company, into a diagnostics company, into a computational analytics company through its a well-managed roadmap

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