About Us

Diagnose Early is the result of a transformative merger between Sonasoft Corp. and Diagnose Early, Inc., combining Sonasoft’s AI health data platform with Diagnose Early’s proprietary breath analysis. Diagnose Early now offers the only health data ecosystem to deliver data-driven preventative healthcare by combining non-invasive breath analysis with a proprietary AI health data platform.


A world where AI lets everyone understand their individual health risks, eliminating the need for reactive treatment of diseases and medical conditions 

the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom
any important task or duty that is assigned, allotted or self-imposed


To give all our users personalized data-driven preventative healthcare using AI to process the rich and diverse health data we collect


Diagnose Early is making non-invasive breath testing a mainstream technology. Our mission right now is to use toxin testing and fitness monitoring to help our users detect health risks early. Our long-term vision is to use the data we collect to diagnose health conditions early.

To achieve this, we have assembled a truly world-class team that brings together technical expertise, academic excellence, medical knowledge, and business acumen. The whole team is working to achieve the best outcomes for all our users and to deliver our mission and vision.

Executive Team

Chris Wheeler
Chief Executive Officer
Geoffrey Shenk
Chief Revenue Officer
Dr. Karl-Magnus Larsson
Chief Science Officer
Dr. John Cunniff
Chief Medical Officer
Stacey Niermann
Corporate Affairs
Allyson B. Mullen
Regulatory Affairs
Dr. Michael Levitt
Founder and Nobel Laureate
Dr. Christopher Lock
Clinical Advisor
Josh Rose
Chief of Staff
Armando Torres
Clinical intern
Dr. Christopher Lock
Clinical Advisor
Dr. Christopher Lock
Clinical Advisor