Data Platform

All your health data in one place, controlled by you

The DxE Health Data Platform sits at the heart of our health data ecosystem. Its AI-powered health insights are central to our vision of data-driven preventative healthcare.

Our platform collects data from multiple sources and uses this to create unique health insights. Key data sources include our innovative breath tests, minimally-invasive blood tests and electronic health records.

non invasive biometrics, Health Data Platform

Health Data Platform

The most complete AI health data platform integrates data from multiple sources to deliver data-driven preventative healthcare

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

& fitness

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

Breath &
blood tests

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance


Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

& scans

Data Quality

AI Health data platform

AI health data platform

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

Reduce health risks

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

Real health insights

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

Better outcomes

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance


Health timelines

Build up a career-long health timeline linking adverse health outcomes with events at work.

historical data.

Go back to any point in time

Create a health baseline to allow longitudinal tracking of health. See how your health and fitness evolve over time and understand how your actions impact this.

secured patient data

All data under your control

You retain full control over you personal data. Share it for research or to support insurance claims. But prevent managers from accessing identifiable dat

data available long-term

Data available long-term

We promise to keep your data safe for as long as you need it. All your data can be permanently accessed via our iOS or Android apps or through the website


We follow current best practices to ensure all your data is protected and secure.

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Certified Cloud

All our cloud providers are HIPAA certified

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Secure & Backed up

All data is stored in secure environments and all hard drives are encrypted and backed up

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We store health data and personal data in separate systems and apply strong encryption to both

user access


Our system enforces strict access control and logs all actions relating to personal and health data

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We have strict company-wide policies relating to data access and sharing

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All staff receive compulsory training in security and compliance