Data sources

Our system is driven by multiple innovative data sources

Our aim is to allow you to store all your health data in one place. This includes electronic health records, and test results, augmented by our innovative breath testing technology and custom wearables.

ion mass spectrometry technology
scanning for PFAS and other toxins in your breath and blood

Breath Analysis

Our advanced non-invasive breath analysis solution is designed to identify microscopic traces of toxins and other chemicals in your breath

Non-invasive breath analysis
non-invasive breath test


  • Provide a sample by blowing into a tube
  • Designed to be simple and painless
Data is secure and private


  • Toxins and metabolites produce characteristic signals
  • Our platform is able to analyze these signals while you wait
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  • The technology can detect toxins at parts per quadrillion
  • We constantly update the list of toxins we look for

When you visit our breath lab you also receive a set of highly accurate, minimally-invasive blood tests.

  • Full blood count
    Full blood count (typically requires drawing a syringe of blood)

  • Detailed analysis
    of 19 blood biomarkers

  • PFAS
    (Under development) details of PFAS compounds in your system


blood tests

& Apps

We provide users with a custom wearable fitness tracker and a companion health and fitness app.

  • Wearables optimized to the needs of your users

  • App provides access to our health data platform

wearables and healthcare apps
wearable stats