Tailored solutions
for data-driven preventative healthcare

Working with public safety organizations, hospital chains, and large enterprises

Our flexible health data ecosystem delivers better healthcare for public safety personnel, healthcare providers, and large enterprises

non invasive biometrics, Health Data Platform

Preventative healthcare
for public safety personnel

Every day, public safety personnel put their lives on the line to protect us. They deserve to be protected by the best preventative healthcare.

Health Risks
The Risks
Data is secure and private

On-demand breath tests

Users can access breath testing on demand after potential toxin exposures

Data is secure and private

Health risk reduction

Personnel can understand their health risks and take direct steps to reduce these

Data is secure and private

Meaningful insights

Users and managers get insights into health risks and toxin exposure

Data is secure and private

Baselined monitoring

Each user has a baseline and exposure history, invaluable for legal cases


preventative healthcare

Use our AI health data platform to deliver data-driven preventative healthcare across your entire organization

Users get regular non-invasive checkups at our breath analysis labs, custom wearables and access to our health apps with advice on reducing and avoiding health risks.

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance


Zero-effort‍ Maintenance


Zero-effort‍ Maintenance


Zero-effort‍ Maintenance


Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

Better outcomes

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

Real health insights

Zero-effort‍ Maintenance

Reduced health risks

Preventative healthcare


Personalized healthcare

Deliver personalized outcomes for your patients with our data-driven approach to preventative healthcare

Data is secure and private

rich data

Combine health, wearable and breath data and understand every patient in depth

targeted treatment personalized medicine

Targeted treatment

Identify the best treatments for each patient based on real understanding of their needs and risks

Help doctors with AI data

Physician decision support

Help your physicians make intelligent decisions based on data-driven risk analysis

Data is secure and private

Retain Control

Give patients full control over their health data with our advanced privacy tools